Voyage incentive, Tourisme d'affaire, Évènementiel, Développement durable, Tourisme responsable

Because we wanted to look beyond a simple brand name, a name that would be universal, unifying, which would embody the best way our project centred around human relations and values such as respect, emphathy and nourishment.

Because we consider that trips and events are the best way to enter into the spirit of the company’s strategy, but above all for people to bond.

— In any language,the first word you COMMUNICATE is MAMAN.
— Trust MAMAN when it comes to making an event special.
— Reports and messages are effective when they are as SIMPLE and straightforward as a MAMAN can be.
— No one looks after you better than your MAMAN.
— When making important decisions, you look to MAMAN for GOOD ADVICE.
— When it comes to setting a budget and keeping to it, MAMAN knows best.
— To listen, understand and PRIORITISE there is no one better than MAMAN.
— Who can BRING TOGETHER a tribe and create the feeling of belonging somewhere better than MAMAN.

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